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Our Disney Difference

Allow Us to Craft Tailor-Made Magic

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Experience unparalleled dedication and unique, personalized itinerary planning for your family's dream trip to Disney Destinations, where magical memories are custom-crafted by our team just for you!

Sprinkle Some Pixie Dust on Your Vacation Plans with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner!

Welcome to Wanderkeep Travel Group - your ticket to a magical Disney adventure! We're proud that our agency has earned the Authorized Disney Vacation Planner badge, sparkling like Cinderella's glass slipper. As an Earmarked agency, we're committed to making your Disney dreams come true with top-notch service and expert planning tools, at no added cost to you.

Partner with a Travel Agency that is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

Imagine having a whole team of Disney dream-makers for your vacation – that's us! This special designation isn't sprinkled around like pixie dust, and it's crucial to understand that only travel agencies -– not individual advisors or planners – can use this honor. We've earned our ears as an agency through hard work, dedication, and a vault of Disney knowledge that would impress even the Genie.

When you see the Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and EarMarked seal attached to an agency like ours, you know you're in for a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious experience! Our team of professional travel advisors crafts magical vacations – Disney and many others – year after year, ensuring each trip is as unique as a hidden Mickey.

Be wary of others claiming to be "Disney Specialists" or solo act "Authorized Disney Vacation Planners." Disney doesn't allow these terms for individual use. And, for good reason, too: true magic happens when an entire agency, like Wanderkeep Travel, earns this honor from Disney. Remember, we're not employed by Disney, but as an agency, we specialize in creating Disney magic for families like yours!

The Wanderkeep Travel Difference:

  1. Agency-Wide Expertise: As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency, all our planners are graduates of the College of Disney Knowledge. We've aced our Disney finals as a team!

  2. First-Hand Agency Experience: Our agency ensures we visit Disney Destinations regularly, so our collective advice comes straight from the heart of the magic.

  3. Personalized Planning: Our agency's approach tailors your vacation to YOUR family's wishes, not someone else's "must-do" list.

  4. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: With a full team of travel advisors in our authorized agency, we've always got backup if your own planner faces an unexpected villainous plot twist.

  5. Organized Magic: Our agency's systems maintains all your vacation details safe and sound, like the three good fairies watching over Sleeping Beauty. And we even keep watch for any added promotions or special offers that could apply to your booking.

Let Wanderkeep Travel – a genuine Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency – be your trusted guide through the wonderful world of Disney vacation destinations. Whether you're dreaming of theme parks, resorts, cruises, or other magical trips, our agency is here to ensure your trip is nothing short of enchanting.


Ready to start planning your Disney adventure with a true Authorized Disney Vacation Planner? Let's make some magic together! Contact Wanderkeep Travel today, and wander however you wish - all at no additional cost to you. Your enchanted journey awaits!

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